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Appointment and Promotion
Section 220, Academic Senate Review and Advancement
Exhibit C, Guidelines for Preparation of Publication and Other Creative Efforts Lists

The following guidelines are provided for the purpose of assuring the best possible presentation of material for evaluation.

1. Items in the lists of publications, concerts, exhibits, or other creative efforts are each assigned a permanent number and should be peer reviewed/refereed.

The term "peer reviewed/refereed" refers to publications/creative efforts that have been subject to critical review, i.e., works of art or literature analyzed with knowledge and propriety and the merits and demerits of these works considered and judged accordingly. This applies to conference or symposia proceedings and book chapters as well as journal articles.

We depend upon the judgment of departmental peers and faculty review committees in evaluating the quality of a research record. Faculty closest to the discipline are best able to advise on the extent to which published articles have been subject to peer review.

2. Papers and books are listed separately under the following categories: (a) published; (b) in press; (c) submitted; and (d) in preparation.

The term "in press" designates works that have been accepted for publication without revision. Each in press item should indicate the journal or publisher and when it is to appear in published form. A copy of the letter of acceptance should be attached to the publication list.

3. The complete unabbreviated names of journals or publishing firms for books are indicated.

4. Abstracts, reviews, and reports having limited distribution are designated and listed separately from works covered in items 1 and 2 above.

"Limited distribution" refers primarily to preliminary reports of research findings (e.g., annual or progress reports to governmental agencies or commissions; titles of invited talks and lectures; "in-house" publications), which often are presented to a small audience.

5. Lectures, oral presentations, papers presented at meetings, and seminars are so identified. (Those covering material simultaneously or subsequently published should be identified with the appropriate publication.)

6. Authorship is clearly indicated, with the exact order of all authors being given; for events in the creative arts, the candidate's contribution is precisely defined.

7. Complete pagination and the year of publication is provided.

8. The relationship of any publications to the doctoral dissertation or postdoctoral work is noted.

Sample lists for publications, in press items, abstracts, and grants are presented on the following pages. In addition to these lists, separate lists should be prepared for the following items:

  • Papers submitted for publication
  • Papers in preparation
  • Reviews
  • Limited distribution items
  • Reports

Sample Lists

List of Publications
(Candidate's Name)

1. 1963 (Candidate's name). Electron microscopy of the Vovocaceae and Astrephomenaceae. American Journal of Botany 50:280-300.

2. 1963 __________. Electron-microscopic demonstration of plastids in Polytoma. Journal of Protozoology 10:333-339.

3. 1963 __________. An additional ultrastructural component of flagella. Journal of Cell Biology 19:631-634.

4. 1965 __________. Electron microscopic study of heterocyst development in Anabaena azollae Strasburger.

5. 1965 Lembi, C. A. and __________. Electron microscopy of Carteria and Chlamydomonas. American Journal of Botany 52:464-477.

6. 1967 __________ and P. M. M. Rae. Structures in a blue-green alga resembling prolamellar bodies. Protoplasma 64:67-74.

7. 1968 __________. Electron microscopic studies of extraplastidic estaxanthin in Haematococcus. Journal of Phycology 4:12-19.

8. 1968 Miller, M. M. and __________. The fine structure of akinete formation and germination in Cylindrospermum. Archiv Fur Mikrobiologie 60:303-313.

9. 1968 __________. The fine structure of blue-green algae. Annual Review of Microbiology 22:15-46.

10. 1968 __________. The ultrastructure of blue-green algae, p. 235-248. In D. H. Jackson (Ed.), Algae, Man and the Environment, Syracuse University Press, New York.

11. 1968 Pantastico, J. B. and __________. Electron microscopic studies on the vegetative apex of Chara braunii Gm. II. Dictyosomes and endoplasmic reticulum. Philippine Agriculturist 42:458-476.

12. 1969 __________ and K. A. Fisher. Variation in the fixation image of "structured granules" in Anabaena. Archiv Fur Mikrobiologie 67:173-181.

13. 1971 Miller, M. M. and __________. The effect of aging on thylakoid configuration and granular inclusions in Gleotrichia, p. 53-58. In R. M. Brown, Jr. and B. C. Parker (Eds.), Contributions in Phycology.

In Press
(Candidate's Name)

1. Chapman, R. L. and __________. Virus-like particles and nuclear inclusions in the red alga Porphyridium purpureum (Bory) Brew et Ross. Journal of Phycology 9. 1980.

2. __________ and B. A. Whitton. Arrangement and structure of thylakoids, Chapter 3, p. 66-79. In H. G. Carr and B. A. Whitton (Eds.), The Blue-green Algae. Blockwell Scientific Publications, Oxford. 1980.

3. __________. Cellular differentiation in blue-green algae. In T. V. Desikachary (Ed.), Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Taxonomy and Biology of Blue-green Algae, Madras, India. 1980.

(Candidate's Name)

1. 1961 __________. The ultrastructure of Astrephomene. Proceedings of the Indiana Academic of Sciences 71.

2. 1961 __________. The comparative ultrastructure of the Vovocaceae. Phycological News Bulletin 14:5.

3. 1961 Stein, J. R. and __________. Cytoplasmic connections in Gonium (Volvocales). Journal of Protozoology 8:9.

4. 1962 __________ and P. W. Cook. Ultrastructure and pigment analysis of Polytoma. American Journal of Botany 49:672.

5. 1963 __________. Additional ultrastructural components of flagella. Journal of Protozoology 10:23.

6. 1964 __________ and D. E. Seaman. Ultrastructural effects of herbicides on Lemna and Azolla. American Journal of Botany 51:671.

7. 1965 __________. The ultrastructure of Mesotaenium and its relation to chloroplast rotation. American Journal of Botany 52:642.

8. 1965 Madsen, M. J. and __________. The fine structure of the vegetative cells, akinete and heterocyst in Gloeotrichia. American Journal of Botany 52:641.

9. 1967 __________. Electron microscopic studies of the extraplastidic astaxanthin in Haematococcus. Journal of Phycology 3(Suppl.):3.

10. 1970 __________ and A. E. Walsby. Recent fine structure studies on Anabaena. British Phycological Journal 5:269.

11. 1971 __________. Ultrastructure of the heterocyst polar region. Journal of Phycology 7(Suppl.):9.

12. 1971 Chapman, R. L., M. R. Chapman and __________. An ultrastructural study of the nucleus in Porphyridium. Journal of Phycology 7(Suppl.):3.

List of Grants
(Candidate's Name)

1. TITLE: The Structure of Vegetative Cells in Gleotrichia

AGENCY: National Science Foundation

AMOUNT: $60,330

DATES: 1990-1992

CO-PI: G. Bull and N. Small

STATUS: Active