Appointment and Promotion
Section UCD-220B, Academic Review Process--Appointments
Approved: 10/1/99
Supersedes: 4/14/94

Responsible Department: Academic Affairs
Source Document: UC APM-220 and UCD-220

I. Purpose

The purpose of this section is to outline UCD policy and procedures for appointment of academic personnel (professorial series and equivalent). This section augments Section UCD-220A, Academic Review Process--General Policy and Procedures.

II. Affirmative Action Policy

Procedures for academic appointments are governed by the provisions of affirmative action policy set forth in Section UCD-500, Academic Recruitment Guidelines. These guidelines are intended to integrate affirmative action into regular recruiting procedures for academic positions. Departments and recruiting/search committees are expected to make every effort to seek a diversified pool of candidates that includes women, persons of color, and persons with disabilities. Each academic recruitment must be undertaken with a full and open recognition of the need to maintain the high standards of the University of California.

III. Departmental Procedures

Review procedures and the role of the dean or the dean's designee vary among colleges and schools. The following procedures generally describe the appointment process that precedes the review process outlined in Section UCD-220A. See Exhibit A for a checklist used in appointment review files. See Exhibit B for streamlined processes.

Responsibility Action
Department 1. Develops search plan according to guidelines in Section UCD-500.
Dean or dean's designee 2. Reviews plan; makes recommendations for any necessary changes; approves plan; notifies Vice Provost--Academic Affairs.

3. Conducts search; maintains appropriate records.

4. Institutes normal review procedures as outlined in Section UCD-220A.

5. Selects candidate; if candidate is non-U.S. citizen, consults with Services for International Students & Scholars.

6. Completes Recruitment Report (see Section UCD-500) and appointment review file.

7. Forwards Recruitment Report and appointment review file to dean.

For Redelegated Actions
Dean or dean's designee

8. Reviews and approves Recruitment Report.

9. Submits review file to CPC/DPC/SPC for review; makes final decision; notifies department chair.

10. Forwards approved Recruitment Report and approved appointment review file to Vice Provost--Academic Affairs.

For Non-Redelegated Actions
Dean or dean's designee 11. Submits approved Recruitment Report to Vice Provost--Academic Affairs for final approval; submits review file and recommendation with Recruitment Report.
Vice Provost--Academic Affairs
12. Proceeds with normal review procedures as outlined in Section UCD-220A, beginning with Step 23.

IV. References and Related Policies

A. Academic Personnel Manual:

1. Section 200, Appointment and Promotion/General.

2. Section UCD-220A, Academic Review Process--General Policy and Procedures.

3. Section UCD-500, Academic Recruitment Guidelines.

B. Office of the Provost: Annual Call for Merit Increases and Promotions and for Appraisals. (Issued in June.)