APM UCD-220AF, Exhibit B

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Model Format

Appointment and Promotion
Section UCD-220AF, Academic Federation Review and Advancement
Exhibit B, Model Format for Letters Soliciting Extramural Evaluations for Academic Federation Promotions

(Dr./Ms./Mr.) [name] is being considered for a promotion from [title, step] to [title, step] at the University of California, Davis.

I am writing to request your assistance in evaluating the achievements of [name] for promotion. Documentation for advancement is required in the areas of [list criteria as indicated in Exhibit A]. We would appreciate your candid opinion on those areas of which you have knowledge of [name's] performance.

Although the contents of your letter may be passed on to the candidate at prescribed stages of the review process, your identity will be held in confidence. The material made available will lack the letterhead, the signature block, and material below the latter. Therefore, we ask that you indicate your relationship to the candidate below the signature block as well as any other information that you wish to include that might identify yourself. In any legal proceeding or other situation in which the source of the confidential information is sought, the University does its utmost to protect the identity of such sources.

We trust that you will provide your candid professional evaluation, and we look forward to your assistance.

[If possible, we would hope to have your response by [date].]

With many thanks for your help.

Yours very truly,