General University Policy Regarding Academic Appointees
Section UCD-120, Emeritus Titles

Approved: 6/6/13
Supersedes: 5/13/08

Responsible Department: Academic Affairs
Source Document: UC APM 120

I. Purpose

This section sets forth the general campus procedures for processing recommendations for conferral of emeritus status upon academic appointees and academic administrative officers who are not members of the Academic Senate. These procedures implement University policy concerning conferral of emeritus status as specified by APM-120-80.

II. Procedures for Request for Emeritus Status

Anyone may propose a non-Senate academic appointee or a non-Senate academic administrative officer for emeritus status, but recommendations are officially initiated by the department chair. If someone other than the immediate supervisor proposes a nomination, the proposal is forwarded to the supervisor for consideration.



Department chair

1. Ensure candidate is eligible for Emeritus status based on criteria outlined in APM 120-10. Prepares recommendation letter that contains a comprehensive statement concerning candidate's overall contributions to the University, a brief history of candidate's University employment, and an explanation of how criteria set forth in APM-120-10 have been fulfilled.

*  Consultation may be held with the candidate's colleagues, past colleagues, and past supervisors during the preparation of the recommendation.

2. Forwards recommendation to appropriate dean or comparable authority.


3. Forwards recommendation with comments to Vice Provost--Academic Affairs.

*  Recommendations may be received the quarter before retirement or any time after retirement.

Vice Provost--Academic Affairs

4. Reviews recommendation and forwards to the appropriate personnel committee (Academic Federation Personnel Committee or the Joint Academic Federation/Senate Personnel Committee).

Personnel committee

5. Reviews recommendation; if necessary, requests additional information from department chair (through Vice Provost--Academic Affairs).

6. Makes recommendation to Vice Provost--Academic Affairs.

Vice Provost--Academic Affairs

7. Reviews all materials, and makes a recommendation.


8. Reviews all materials, and makes final decision; notifies candidate in writing of conferral of title suffix emeritus. Informs Academic Senate Office, Dean, President of Emeriti Association, and Director of Retiree Center of the action.

Department chair

9. Following Chancellor's approval, directs department personnel to complete entry in Payroll to reflect Emeritus status.

III. Reference

A. Office of the President: Delegation of Authority--To Approve Conferral of Emeritus Status Upon Retirement on Academic Appointees Who Are Not Members of the Academic Senate, 9/25/92 (DA1072).

B. APM-120, Emeritus Titles