General University Policy Regarding Academic Appointees
Section UCD-025
Date: 1/21/11
Supersedes: 7/28/03

Responsible Department:  Academic Affairs
Source Document:  UC APM-025

025-2 Purpose and Scope

This section implements APM-025 and outlines the preapproval and reporting requirements at UC Davis for faculty who are engaged in compensated and non-compensated outside professional activities. The Vice Provost--Academic Personnel will issue an annual call for submission of reports for Category I and Category II activities.

The following title series are covered by APM-025:

  • Professor (including Acting)
  • Professor in Residence
  • Professor of Clinical X
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Clinical Professor
  • Visiting Professor
  • Lecturer with Security of Employment
  • Lecturer
  • Supervisor of Teacher Education
  • Supervisor of Physical Education

025-6 Responsibilities

a. Faculty

1) File a Report of Category I or II Compensated Outside Professional Activities and Additional Teaching Activities annually by November 1 of the following fiscal year, regardless of participation in Category I or II activities. These reports must include compensated activities during the academic year as well as during the summer months of each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). Faculty who have not engaged in these activities shall check the appropriate box and submit the form.

2) Request and receive written approval from the department chair before engaging in Category I activities (APM-025, Appendix B).

3) Ensure that, if engaged in Category I or II activities, these activities do not raise a real or perceived conflict of commitment; and consult with the department chair if these activities do raise a question of a real or perceived conflict of commitment.

b. Department Chair

1) Remind faculty annually of requirement to request and receive prior approval for Category I activities and any other outside activities that may create a question of perceived or real conflict of commitment.

2) Review and approve in writing, when appropriate, requests from faculty to engage in Category I activities that fall within the time limits and requirements defined in APM-025.

3) Maintain records of approvals for Category I activities.

4) Collect and review Report of Category I or II Compensated Outside Professional Activities and Additional Teaching Activities from all faculty by November 1, ensuring that the activities did not conflict with policy, and forward to the dean for approval.

5) Discuss any conflict of commitment concerns with faculty member.

c. Dean

Serve as final reviewer and office of record for annual reports when Category I or II activities have been reported.

d. Chancellor or Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

Compensated teaching or research at another institution while a faculty member is employed full-time at the University must be approved in advance by either the Chancellor or the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor. The authority to approve these activities cannot be redelegated.

References and Related Policies

a. Standing Order of The Regents 103.1(b).

b. Academic Personnel Manual

1) APM-005, Privileges and Duties of Faculty Members.

2) APM-015, The Faculty Code of Conduct; and UCD-015, Procedures for Faculty Misconduct Allegations.

3) APM-020, Special Services to Individuals and Organizations.

4) APM-028, Disclosure of Financial Interest in Private Sponsors of Research.

5) APM-670, Health Sciences Compensation Plan and Guidelines on Occasional Outside Professional Activities by Health Sciences Plan Participants.