American Psychological Association

UC Davis Honorees


Members of the American Psychological Association are acknowledged for their distinguished contributions to the advancement of psychology through teaching, service, research, mentorship, and application. More>>


John P Capitanio

Professor John Capitanio studies the causes and consequences of individual variation in temperament and personality in nonhuman primates.  



Gail Goodman 

Memory development expert and distinguished professor of psychology, Gail Goodman has led research to ellucidate the profound impacts of investigations and court proceedings on child victims and child witnesses. 




Gregory Herek

Professor Emeritus Gregory Herek is an internationally renowned researcher of prejudice against sexual minorities, anti-gay violence and AIDS-related stigma. Herek has contributed his expertise in policy work involving the LGBT community and around issues related to AIDS





Steven Luck

Professor of Psychology and Director of the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain, Steven Luck is known for his research in neural and cognitive mechanisms of attention and working memory in healthy individuals, and dysfunctions of attention and working memory in psychiatric and neurological disorders. 




Lisa Oakes

Professor Lisa Oakes is chief investigator in the Infant Cognition Laboratory of the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain, where she studies the origins and development of mental abilities in infancy. 



Phillip Shaver

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology Phillip Shaver is an authority on two areas of human behavior, that of social relationships and emotions, leading studies in attachment, communications, loss and grieving. He has contributed to many sub areas including the research of attachment-related mental processes, and applications of attachment theory to leadership and organizations. 



Dean Simonton

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology Dean Simonton is internationally known for his research in three general areas of human development, including the concepts of genius, creativity, leadership and aesthetics; archival data analysis; and the history of psychology.