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Academic Affairs provides a number of resources for the success of acdemics, which include: collegial advice for Assistant Professors and new faculty. FAQs for Senate Faculty and Academic Federation members, as well as resouces for Deans and Chairs, including the Chairs Handbook.

This page also contains resources for staff that coordiante academic hires, reviews, leaves, payroll entry, and more.

Humanities professors

(l to r) Carrie Decker, assistant professor of histroy; Keith Watenpaugh, professor of history; Diane Wolf, professor of sociology; and Michael Lazzara, assoicate professor Spanish; stand amoung olive trees in teh Good Life Garden on Tuesday, May 17, 2012 at UC Davis. Watenpaugh, also the director of the UC Davis Human Rights Initiative, will now be able to expand the critical work of human rights and the humanities through the creation of a new UC Multicampus Research Group called "Re-envisioning the Human: Human Rights and HUmanitarianism across the Humanities and Social Sciences." The project is possible with a grant from UC Humanities Network.