Academic Federation Series FAQs

Academic Administrator

Academic Coordinator

Adjunct Professor

• Assistant Adjunct Professor
• Associate Adjunct Professor
• Adjunct Professor

Agronomist (___in the A.E.S.)

• Assistant Agronomist
• Associate Agronomist
• Agronomist

Health Sciences Clinical Professor

• Assistant Health Sciences Clinical Professor
• Associate Health Sciences Clinical Professor
• Health Sciences Clinical Professor

Professional Researcher

• Assistant Professional Researcher
• Associate Professional Researcher
• Researcher

Project (e.g., Scientist)

• Assistant Project Scientist
• Associate Project Scientist
• Project Scientist


• Assistant Specialist
• Associate Specialist
• Specialist

Specialist in Cooperative Extension

• Assistant Specialist in Cooperative Extension
• Associate Specialist in Cooperative Extension
• Specialist in Cooperative Extension

Academic Federation Titles Not Included - The following title series are unique to a specific college or school, or are governed under a Memorandum of Understanding which requires specific criteria for review. Contact your Dean’s Office for further information.

  • Continuing Educator 
  • University Extension Teachers 
  • Unit 18 Lecturers 
  • Unit 17 Professional Librarians
  • University Librarians
  • Supervisors of Teacher Education
  • Supervisors of Physical Education
  • Child Development Demonstration Lecturers