Capital Resource Network

How CRN Works

Capital Resource Network is a consortium of professional and executive hiring employers in the Capital Region of California who have committed to the recruitment, retention and integration success of relocated professionals.  CRN staff specializes in quickly welcoming the newly relocated professional and family into the region through a holistic approach, serving as a point of contact for questions, a reference for needed resources, and connector to area business, community and employment networks.

Employers pay membership and service fees to participate in CRN events and referral services.  When a member employer refers a new-hire or candidate to network, the CRN coordinator then contacts the new-hire or candidate on behalf of the employer and conducts a thorough consult.  The consult serves to answer a myriad of questions for the candidate and also to accurately create an extensive and customized portfolio of services for the new-hire.

The concept is simple, to create a win-win situation for both employers and their employees leading to a more effective recruiting effort by removing the external obstacles and stresses to candidates early in their decision making process and leading to a more thoughtful transition for the candidate and the entire family.