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By the year 2020 UC Davis will employ several hundred new faculty, many of whom will relocate to our region and be newcomers to our community. As a founding member of Capital Resource Network,  UC Davis will connect these employees and their families with a portfolio of services available through Capital Resource Network to quickly acclimate them to their new home.

Upon receiving an employer’s referral, Capital Resource Network extends a personalized welcome to newly recruited employees. Each new-hire referred to the Capital Resource Network receives one-on-one attention, a portfolio of resources and a plan designed to meet specific relocation needs for their entire family.  Recommendations and customized services are outlined based on the initial-consult and the “intake” interview conducted upon referral.  Capital Resource Network helps the client progress through their plan at their own pace over the course of approximately 20 hours of service.

About Capital Resource Network

Capital Resource Network (CRN) is an innovative regional employer network currently being incubated by UC Davis.  It is a fee for service non-profit that provides dual career support, family integration services and cultural transition resources to new employees relocating to the Capital Region. These services aim to ease the transition for newly relocated hires and their families during their first six months in the region.

Established through an initial investment by UC Davis and a grant from the National Science Foundation, CRN is envisioned to operate independently from UC Davis under the leadership of a regional board of directors.

CRN Services

Initial Consult

The Initial Consult is designed to enhance the recruitment process and is a confidential, between the candidate and a CRN representative. The CRN representative meets with the candidate and/or their family in advance of a final decision to provide information about the career support and integration services being offered.  As a neutral party, candidates can ask CRN representatives important questions to assist in making an informed decision about moving to the Capital Region. Some discussions may include children’s resources, medical conditions, elder care challenges, and other private concerns where specific resources may be required.

Dual Career Support

Dual Career Support provides comprehensive job search support to a spouse/partner for an entire year. CRN develops a personal plan of action towards securing employment through personalized and selective informational interviews and professional networking opportunities with area decision makers and premier network employers, career counseling referral, resume review, job sites search, and one-on-one coaching.

New Arrival Integration

New Arrival Integration assists the multiple family members affected by the change in location. CRN helps to quickly introduce the candidate and their family to local resources by conducting a confidential, in-depth interview, creating a personalized portfolio of information to match their needs, keeping in touch on a monthly basis, providing insight on vetted resources, sharing volunteer opportunities and monthly social events, and making strategic introductions.

Cultural Transition

Cultural Transition services assist professionals and their families relocating from other countries or from other states with distinct cultural differences to California. Support includes a monthly Newcomers Almanac – U.S. culture detailed by current events and everyday living, welcome kits with essential information for daily living, referral to language skills classes, slang-idioms-acronyms.

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Client Engagement and
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Client Services Coordinator
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