Academic Advisories to the Deans


AA2017-04 - Delegation of authority to the Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Equity and Inclusion (12/1/17, Supersedes AA2013-09)


AA2017-03 - Updated review process deadlines and phased implementation of Administrative Deferrals (6/14/17)

AA2017-02 - Addendum to AA2015-06 - Use of Academic Enrichment Fund Accounts for Recalled Appointees for First-Year Seminar Program (5/12/17)

AA2017-01 - Rescission of Delegation for Search Plans and Search Waivers for Junior Specialist positions (4/10/17)

AA2016-09 - Reminder on Step Plus clarification (10/31/16)


AA2016-08 - Upgrade Requests and Diversity Statement for Senate Recruitments (7/22/16)

AA2016-07 - Changes related to Deferral and Five-Year Reviews (7/1/16)

AA2016-06 - Academic Federation Step Plus Phase 1 Practice Change for Delegation of Authority (6/20/16)

AA2016-05 - Merit actions to Associate rank, Steps 4 and 5, for Professional Researcher, Project Scientist and Specialist in Cooperative Extension series (5/24/16)

AA2016-04 - Automatic Extensions on the Clock for Childbearing/Childrearing (5/4/16)

AA2016-03 - Deadlines for 2016 Appointments (4/7/16)

AA2016-02 - Updated Near Relatives Procedures (4/5/16)

AA2016-01 - Changes to Junior Specialist Hiring Practices and Appointment Process (1/4/16)

AA2015-10 - Step Plus - Guidelines for Above Scale Advancements in the Senate series (10/22/15)

AA2015-09 - Step Plus for Academic Federation (10/22/15)

AA2015-08 - Action Form for Step Plus Delegation of Authority guidance (9/18/15)

AA2015-07 - Disclosing Potential Conflicts of Interest (COI) in Faculty Recruitments (9/16/15)


AA2015-06 - Academic Enrichment Accounts (6/29/15, Supersedes previous version issued 6/18/15)

AA2015-05 - Recruitment Process Changes (6/12/15, Supersedes AA2014-06 and AA2013-08)

AA2015-04 - MIV Changes Effective 2015-2016 (5/27/15)

AA2015-03 - Recruitments into the Lecturer with SOE and Senior Lecturer with SOE Series; includes the PSOE ranks (3/30/15)

AA2015-02 - Urgent Letter From CAP Regarding Professor Step 6 Actions (3/5/15)

AA2015-01 - Health Sciences Only: Letter Requirements for Appointments via Change in Title (1/7/15)

AA2014-06 - Use of Diversity Statements for Ladder-Rank Recruitments (10/31/14)

AA2014-05 - Elimination of Arm's Length Letters for Most Actions Within the Specialist and Project Scientist Series (9/8/14)


AA2014-04 - Faculty Upgrade Requests for 2014-2015 Ladder Rank Recruitments (6/18/14)

AA2014-03 - Merits to Associate Professor Step IV & V (4/24/14)

AA2014-02 - Review Period for Merits to Professor, Step VI (3/27/14)

AA2014-01 - Modification of Practices Regarding Additional External Letters for Appointment of Assistant Professors (March 18, 2014, Supersedes AA2013-05)

AA2013-09 - Delegation of Authority to the Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Equity and Inclusion (10/11/13)

AA2013-08 - New Process for Approval of Interim Recruitment Reports (9/13/13)

AA2013-07 - Streamlining of the Endowed Chair Recruitment and Review Process (7/2/13)


AA2013-06 - Delegation of Authority for Off Scales (6/20/13) - Email from Vice Provost Kass dated 12/1/2017 supersedes this advisory. Please see the delegation of authority for current off-scale information.

AA2013-05 - Additional External Letters for Appointment of Assistant Professors, Steps IV-VI (5/20/13, Revised 6/5/13)

AA2013-04 - Delegation of Authority for Retroactive Summer Compensation (3/6/13)

AA2013-03 - Guidelines on Summer Compensation Research Accounts (2/12/13)

AA2013-02 - Redelegating One Year Extensions for Junior Specialists (2/7/13)

AA2013-01 - Incomplete Dossiers (2/7/13)