Annual Call for Unit 18 Members


August 14, 2017

RE: 2017-18 Call for Unit 18 Appointments

Dear Colleagues:

I write to alert you to critical deadlines to submit recommendations for Continuing Appointments and merit actions for Unit 18 Lecturers, Supervisors of Teacher Education and Child Development Demonstration Lecturers. Because these titles are covered by the Unit 18 contract, the review of these titles follows the campus contract implementation guidelines.

Review for Initial Continuing Appointments:  For all initial continuing appointments effective July 1, 2018, department reviews for initial continuing appointments should commence early in the fall, 2017.  The deadline for submission of these materials for review in the Office of the Vice Provost-Academic Affairs is January 1, 2018. This will ensure a timely review of all initial continuing appointments with a Fall Quarter reappointment.

Merit Reviews for Continuing Appointments: Continuing Appointees are entitled to merit reviews every three years.  If a Continuing Appointee is, upon review, determined to have performed at an excellent level since the last review, he/she shall be granted a 6% increase.  Above normative merits (e.g., 9% increase) are rare and must be justified by extraordinary accomplishments exceeding mere excellent performance.  Regular merits (6%) are redelegated to Deans.  Any request for above normative merit (e.g., 9%) must be reviewed by CAP and the VP, Academic Affairs.

Ninth Quarter Mentoring Meeting:  Any Lecturer hired in the same department/program/unit entitled to a mentoring meeting with the Chair or Chair’s designee during the academic year in which the ninth quarter or sixth semester of service occurs.  This is an opportunity for the Chair or designee to provide feedback to the Lecturer based on teaching evaluations, peer classroom visits (if any), and instructional materials prepared by the Lecturer.  For more information see the Pre-Six Year Mentoring Meeting Toolkit on the Academic Affairs home page.

Lecturer Workload:  Article 24 of the contract requires that all assigned duties (whether teaching courses or performing other duties, such as committee service) performed by a Lecturer must be taken into account when calculating that Lecturer’s appointment percentage.  Unlike for senate faculty, it is not appropriate to expect a Unit 18 Lecturer to perform service in addition to carrying a full time teaching load.

Do not hesitate to contact Associate Director James DiCaprio, Academic Employment and Labor Relations, with any questions relating to Unit 18.  He can be reached at or 530-752-4224.